Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Even though we are small moving company, we do have our Terms & Conditions.

​When deposit is paid for the job with us you indicate that you have fully understood, accepted, and agreed to the following terms of use.

1. Quotation

Our quote is based on information You have provided ,survey we made or photos/video you’ve sent to us and it’s valid for 30 days since the quote is given .It is subject to availability of resources. We may recalculate Our quotation if:

a) You request additional Services or add extra items after quotation was given

b) The approach road/parking space/drive is unsuitable for Our Vehicles to load/unload within 15 meters of the doorway

c) There are delays or outdoor events outside our reasonable control or keys from a new property not released at all.

2. Customers Responsibility

We accept no responsibility for damage or breakage to items that have not been packed or protected by adequate means.

Double walled boxes should be used.

Glassware, picture frames, canvases. Ornaments and anything else considered “delicate”  must be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap.

Boxes that are not sealed and correctly padded may cause damage, so please make sure boxes are not overloaded and correctly sealed. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the items will fit in the new premises.

We should not take any liquids in the van or hidden in any boxes, any damage from liquids that have been put in boxes or in the van is at the client’s risk.

TV’s or audio equipment or any other electrical equipment must be correctly packaged in a protected box.  Electrical equipment that is not boxed is to be moved at the client’s risk and not covered by our Insurance.

Old pots with plants can crack and break just by moving them due to weather damage. Plants that have wooden pots that are weathered or mouldy or cracked will be moved at the clients risk.

Fridges and freezers should be emptied and ready to move.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check everything in the house flat or storage has been loaded into our van’s before leaving the property.

The customer should remain on site throughout the removal unless agreed prior otherwise.

There should be reasonable access in and out of your property.

If you choose to travel in the van or assist the Mover/Movers with loading and unloading you do so entirely at your own risk.

3. Payment for our service.

We require up to 25% deposit payment upfront. And balance payment must be made right after the job is done, by bank transfer, or cash payment to the team leader.

The service providers reserve the right to add additional charges if you make an error when disclosing job details including, but not limited to, access, stairs, location or number of items.

In the event of non – payment, we reserve the right to distribute your phone and address details to various blacklists and credit agencies.

4. Cancellations & Rescheduling

As a small business cancellations can really hit us hard. We often turn down other jobs if we are booked up so I have had to introduce a charge for cancelling. If you cancel less than 4 days before the removal date then you shall pay us a charge equivalent to 60% of the agreed removal charge with a min charge of £50. If you cancel within 48 hrs of the job, you’ll be charged 100% of the quoted cost.

Any paid deposit (non-refundable)

There is no extra charge for rescheduling however, please note, that rescheduling can be limited based on our availability.

5. What is not covered

Cash, jewelry, live animals, fish, reptiles, plants, precious stones and metals, deeds, bonds, stamps, theft of Items, loss of digital data/assets on a computer or any storage or other device, fire damage, water damage, weather damage. We will not be liable for mechanical or electrical faults unless there is evidence of impact damage.

6. Damage to customers property 

Our insurance does cover accidental damage to customer’s property. Normal house Insurance should also cover this in the unlikely event of accidental damage to your property.

If the access to the property is smaller than the furniture and or items moving into it, damage may be unavoidable. We will not take responsibility for damage caused in this scenario.

7. Insurance / damage / storage 

Insurance is included with all our moves. Our vans all have goods in transit Insurance up to £25,000. Subcontracted vans also have this Insurance. This protects your goods while being handled and transported. 
Public liability cover is up to £1 000.000.

Damaged items must be reported to us after moving in writing. If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair we would look to replace the item like for like, or refund the value from your bill. All the damaged/scratched furniture must be reported to us on the moving day to our removal team first and in writing within 2 days time after move is finished, and it covers maximum of £40 per item. If extra insurance is required please check your home insurance. Claims are subject to £250 excess which is the responsibility of the customer.

TV’s and computer monitors/screens must be correctly packaged in the original packaging/box. If they are not in the original box it is to be moved at the client’s risk and not covered by our insurance.

 We take responsibility in the moving of your goods but once they are in storage our responsibility’s end. We cannot supply blankets for storage. Scratches caused in storage because of the lack of protective blankets is not our responsibility.  Some storage containers are dirty and we cannot accept responsibility for dirt caused by the storage unit. We advise you to buy a mattress cover and or supply us with protective blankets from the storage company and to ensure adequate protection for your goods once they have left the care of the removal van. If you use another company to move you out of storage we cannot accept any damage because we won’t know who is responsible

8. Sub-contracting work

We reserve the right to sub contract work which we have provided a quotation without notifying you. We use a small team of excellent subcontractors to help with the workload. The subcontractors are carefully selected, and we have worked with the same teams for many years. They meet our high standards of professional work and follow our code of conduct.

9. Bad weather/ vehicle break down

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel your move due to bad weather or vehicle break down. This is very unlikely and would be only due to extreme weather like flooding, heavy snowfall or Ice that could make driving dangerous. We would look to rebook you in as soon as we are available after bad weather conditions have passed. 

If our vehicle breaks down we would look to bring over another one of our vehicles if it’s available. We may be able to hire a vehicle if this is not possible.

If we cant source a replacement vehicle that day we will have to continue the service at the next point we can source a replacement vehicle and or the persons to do the move.  

We take no responsibility for mud and or dirt being brought into your property. Due to health and safety we can not take off our footwear. We can provide floor runners which offer a certain amount of floor protection. But It is the customer’s responsibility to provide complete carpet/floor protection.

10. Rest break at work 

All our guys are very fit but still require breaks. The current UK law requires that workers have the right to a minimum of one uninterrupted 20 minute rest break during their working day. This could be tea or lunch break.

If you offer our guys a tea break and you are being charged by time please be aware the charges will continue regardless of the break.

11. Job charged by time

Local removals in Bristol that are charged by time will start from when the van arrives at the customer’s house and finish once the last item has been unloaded or when all customers’ requirements have been fulfilled.

We charge in half an hour increments after the original minimum time has been agreed. If a job goes into the next half an hour for example If a move takes from 12-2:35pm this job would be rounded up to 3 hours.

Jobs outside of the city of Bristol will have the drive time charged from leaving the Bristol depot and or Bristol area to returning to the depot plus fuel. Unless a set price has been agreed.

12. Delays on the job

Removals that are booked in the afternoon will have an estimated start time. We always try to stick to the schedule but please be aware that every removal is different and there are many factors out of our control like traffic,parking,access,weather, we can’t be in two places at once.

If a morning removal runs over we would appreciate your understanding and patience, the afternoon start time can be much later than estimated. This is why it is an estimated time of arrival in the first place, which is subject to change. There will be no deduction of cost if we are later than our estimated time of arrival  (we will aim to deliver the service within a reasonable time, but this could be a few hours later than estimated)

13. Customer’s data

We never share your information (email,phone number, photos/videos or personal details) with 3rd parties

14. Applicable Law

This contract is subject to English and Welsh law and jurisdiction.